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How to choose electronic anti-theft?

Time:2018/7/20 17:44:36

Buy from the practicality
There are more and more electronic anti-theft locks on the market, which has formed a flashy market trend. Therefore, when purchasing an electronic anti-theft lock, you must choose convenient and practical. One of the most secure features of a security lock is fingerprint recognition. When purchasing, you must choose to identify a stable electronic anti-theft lock. Nowadays, many people buy locks only to look at the shape, and in fact, the lock cylinder is the most important. There are many types of lock cylinders. When purchasing, the ancestors of the American-style thread lock cylinder and fire-proof lock core have a higher safety factor.
Start with stability
The fingerprint function of the electronic anti-theft lock is very important, but it takes a year or two to actually feel the stability. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose a quality manufacturer, so the quality is more secure. The length of the lock of the anti-theft lock is graded and divided into A and B grades. A is less than 14 mm in length and B is less than 20 mm in length. When you purchase, you should look at the materials used to make the anti-theft lock case. Can not be less than 2mm thick steel plate. And it seems to have a feeling of overall stamping.